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Your online store needs an online warehouse!
Quickly and easily deliver your products to customers – and potentially for less with Proxi!
Our warehouse is integrated with all platforms listed above and more!

Proxi is an online warehouse and fulfillment company that was purpose-built to serve you, a growing eCom business.

How much more could grow your online store if you didn’t have to ship your own products?
Think about it:

  • Save time
  • Free up your fixed asset costs,
  • Spend more time focusing on marketing and increasing sales
  • Accelerate your company's growth, when the competition is fierce.

Do you feel like you're wasting time on filling orders?
Are you ready to move items out of the garage and jump into the fast lane?

At Proxi, our goal is to give you that extra time each day by taking care of your shipping needs.
Given all the benefits of outsourcing your order processing, warehousing and shipping, the choice is clear:
Your online store needs an online warehouse.

The benefits of working with Proxi

Free Up Your Schedule

Our packing and shipping service gives you more time to focus on marketing, sales and customer service.

Ecommerce Integration

Proxi can integrate with all the major ecommerce platforms and provide a seamless solution between their marketplace and your online warehouse and fulfillment needs.

Flexible fulfillment services

Fulfillment capabilities include:
Order processing, pick, pack, shipping and bulk kitting, subscription box processing, brand development, customized packaging and collateral, label design and production.

Location.    Location.    Location.

Reach 75% of the USA in 2-3 days.
With our centrally located warehouses, save on shipping and reach more zones in less time and for less cost.

Save also on lower warehouse costs - especially if you're currently located in a major metro or near the coasts.
Save even more if you're in one of the states that charge inventory taxes.

Simple, affordable order processing

Take the burden off and let us carry your fixed costs of labor and storage.

Free yourself from those expenses so that you can put your money to work in growing your business.

Communication and Customization

As a semi-automated facility, we are able to offer competitive rates PLUS the agility to handle your special requests with kitting and packaging or unique product handling.

We understand that as you learn more about your business and market, your approach or needs may change. As a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, let's all grow together.

Fulfillment Services


Shoes and Apparel

With the movement towards fast fashion, consumers also expect fast delivery.   Decrease your shipping times and quickly reach 75% of the US population by fulfilling your products from our midwest distribution center



Another specialty area where we already process cGMP regulated vitamin/supplement products.   Climate controlled, segregated and locked environments are also available.


Beauty care / Cosmetics / Hair care

We currently ship products across all these categories – smaller, high dollar, fragile items that can require special attention.


Subscription Boxes.

Are you currently sampling your products or thinking about developing a product-of-the-month program?   If so, we've managed various subscription based kitting projects ranging from the small and specialized to high volume, shrink wrapped, custom packed, truck loads for national retailers.



One of the fastest growing segments of ecommerce stores.    Rest well knowing your highly diversified orders are being processed quickly, accurately and on-time.


Automotive & Home hardware

Ranging from specialty parts to consumable components, get the right part to your customers as they need them.   Similar to subscription boxes, recurring consumables can be scheduled to ship as needed.

Your online store needs an online warehouse

Your online store.   Our online warehouse.
Grow the front end of your business with marketing and sales.   Let Proxi handle the back end with order processing and shipping.   Simple, affordable and reliable.   Let us help you free up your schedule so you can focus on what matters.   We’ll make sure your happy customer receives their product quickly and safely.

Let us help you find more time to better spend on finding more customers and to grow your business.
That’s smart business.    That’s Proxi Fulfillment.

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Our IT and eCommerce Origins

Unlike other warehouses, we started in IT.
Before we started handling products, we handled data.   Our "warehouse" experience came from the management of data warehouses as a digital media agency for the likes of Procter & Gamble starting in 2000.   For over 15 years, we built brand websites, email databases, and managed eCommerce shopping carts.

When our clients asked us manage the actual distribution of products, we tried to outsource this to a facility that could do this without screwing up the database.   We couldn't find any.    So, Proxi Fulfillment was founded to better manage their eCom transactions.
While we "down-shifted" from IT into basic warehousing, we see warehouses trying to "up-shift" into eCommerce... but still don't quite get IT.

Warehouses are warehouses... but is IT experience important if your business is driven by eCommerce?

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